Saturday, October 17, 2009

Long Beach City Limits Vol.1 [special edition]

I did this album back in 2005. It was alot of hard work to
get all these artist on one project. But it also started alot
of great working relationships. I'm realeasing thru this
site only with 3 extra bonus cuts that didn't get included
for various reason. You can Purchase this for (5) dollars. the Download
includes The original (15) Tracks all the Art Work, and (3)Bonus Songs

1. Intro feat L's
2. Ghetto Infection feat. Daz Dillinger, Ras Kass, Sin, Blu & L's
3. Good Ol' Music feat. Twinz, MonaLisa & L's
4. Coasting Up feat. P.S.C., Prime, Brainstem & Solo
5. Live Dynamics feat. Dynamic Certified
6. Believe in Magic feat. E-White, MonaLisa & L's
7. I'm Broad feat. RBX & Coss
8. Bring Me some feat. Twinz, E-White & L's
9. Killa Cali feat. Techniec & Tate the Great
10. Something about U feat. Foesum & Cigar Lee
11. Sweetassugar feat. Glory
12. Anyone who knows me feat. Coss & T-Nasty
13. Angry Asians 2005 feat. XL Middleton
14. Dime Piece (Remix) feat. Sly Boogy, Sin, Techniec & Demo
15. Goin Head UP feat. P.S.C.
Bonus Songs:
16. All Day Every Day feat. Mopreme & RBX
17. Killa Cali REMIX feat. Techniec & Krunch
18. Blocstar feat Dynamic Certified

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  1. You only provide 17 tracks but list 18. Track 18 is not in the download.